• Way to play Straight
    Way to play Straight

    The waytoplay straights with pedestrian crossing and shark teeth! The waytoplay straight are printed on both sides. The shark teeth can be selected for right-hand traffic or left-hand traffic. The rear is fitted with white marking…

    € 6,00
  • Way to play Roundabout + Crossing
    Way to play Roundabout + Crossing

    With waytoplay roundabout and crossing you can really go either way. The new roundabout has two male and two female connectors, so you even can lay-out differently shaped roads. We have now added two different prints on the…

    € 6,00
  • Way to play Curve
    Way to play Curve

    The waytoplay curve is printed on both sides with white markings so you can turn both left and right. One side is printed with a continuous line, the other side with a dotted line.

    The curve measures 45 degrees. This means that…

    € 6,00
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